Lighter Gas Can 100ml

Lighter Gas Can 100ml


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  • Genuine Gas Refill can 100ml from CLIPPER, one of the leading brands in refillable Gas lighters and its accessories
  • Odourless gas, perfect for refilling refillable lighters using Butane as fuel
  • 1 Gas Cannister can refill upto 10 clipper lighters
  • Colour of the Can: Yellow
  • Key Ingredients: Propane,Butane, Iso Butane
  • Suitable for household domestic usage


Ask a Question
  • Do you have nozzle along with the butane Gas so that I can refill my cigarette lighter

    CLIPPER gas can is fitted with universal long metal nozzle and you donot need to have any additional nozzles. You can easily refill your butane lighters by inserting the metal tip into the refilling valves.

  • Can we refill our kitchen lighter with it?

    Yes, you can refill all the lighters which are refillable and work on butane gas.