Gas Re-Filler Clipper Lighter - 550 Ml


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  • Genuine Gas Refiller 550 ml from CLIPPER, one of the leading brands in refillable Gas lighters and its accessories
  • Odourless gas, perfect for refilling refillable lighters using Butane as fuel
  • Perfect refiller for Butane torches being used for industrial purpose.
  • Universal metallic tip, fits most of the refillable cigarette and Kitchen Lighters including Clipper Lighters.
  • Key Ingredients: Propane,Butane, Iso Butane
  • Suitable for refilling domestic as well as commercial lighters and brazing torches, etc 


Ask a Question
  • Do we need any extra nozzle/attachment for refilling with this can?

    No additional attachment required as it has a universal nozzle which is metallic and longer in length, making it easier to refill any refillable lighter working on Butane gas.

  • Is it genuine CLIPPER make Butane gas canister?

    100% genuine CLIPPER butane gas refill can for flawless performance of your refillable lighters.

  • How many times a lighter could be refilled with this can?

    Depends on lighter capacity. In case of CLIPPER lighters, it could easily refill 40-50 Clipper lighters.

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