US24 Combo Pack: Lifebuoy Sanitizer 50ml (4 packs) with US24 Ultra Soft Luxury Bath Loofah (1Pack)


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COMBO PACK : Lifebuoy Sanitizer 50Ml (4 packs) + US24 Ultra Soft Body Puff
  • Lifebouy Hand Sanitizer not only kills 99.99% germs without water anytime/anywhere but also moisturizes hands and keeps skin soft  and smooth
  • US24 Ultra soft loofahs have a wonderful exfoliating effect on the skin, giving you fresh and joyful bathing experience
  • Gentle rubbing of this ultra soft loofah on the skin stimulates blood circulation and also removes dead skin, giving you smooth, youthful as well as glowing skin
  • Few drops of the Lifebuoy Sanitizer will kill the germs and few drops of your body wash with this Ultra soft Loofah will give you a rich lather for an ultimate bathing experience.
  • GREAT COMBO to keep yourself clean and healthy


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  • How many sanitizer pack will be sent?

    4 Sanitizers (Lifebuoy hand Sanitizer) of 50ml each will be sent in the package.

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