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Dreams-The Real Treasure

All of us do have some dreams, some inspirations which make us move on and on and on. There always remains a feeling for going for something we have still not achieved. These are all motivated from our dreams or we can say dreams are the real inspirations behind what we actually achieve in our life.


Whatever you want to do in your life, just try to visualize and prepare a picture- what would be the final result you aspire for. Try to visualize the best possible outcome you wish to achieve, without thinking of the constraints you could face in your path towards achieving your dreams. Keep focus, revisit and visualize that picture again and again. Remember that picture several times a day.


Once you have decided to achieve what you intend to and finalized the final destination you have aimed for, your brain will automatically start showing you the way. New ideas and thoughts will come up in your mind like you had never thought before and this is the treasure which will take you to your destination.


The path to your destination will definitely be full of ups and downs. In fact, the more you move towards your dream, the intensity of problems and obstacles in the way may increase. This is just to check your patience and the dedication you have towards achieving your dream. Never ever allow any negative thoughts or pessimism to come up to your mind. Else, the reverse effect will start immediately making your dreams just to be the dreams forever. 


Win over the negativity and the whole World will immediately come up to your rescue and road to the treasure will authomaticaly get smoothen.

Take a look at the above picture. At first, as an immediate response to most of the things we come across in our life, majority of humans will treat it as a normal picture they have fully understood. There is nothing more than a series of random vertical lines, having no relation to each other, making no sense. But when you look at the lines repeatedly, again and again and try to learn the art of falling in between, your perspective will change automatically. Now you will realize the depth and find out the meaning and value in otherwise so called meaningless set of random vertical lines. In the same way, when you visualize and revisit your dream again and again, you find out the real 'TREASURE'  and way to achieve your destiny in otherwise seemingly un-cooperative world full of obstacles.

Now revisit the above picture and try to find out the hidden message. You will easily read the message - 'FOLLOW YOUR DREAM'.  

Do not wait for the right time to come. Each and every moment is the right moment.

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